Montag, 9. Juli 2012


So this here was one of the first shows we played with our new members George (git) and F ( Samples, Yelling, Tambourine) in Halle at the famous Reilstraße - it was big fun and our good fiends of BATALJ where also playing a fucking amazing blast of a show - unfortunately later that night there where accuring some nasty financial issues. But that´s not the place to write about that.
Some weeks later we came back for another destroying night at the Reilstraßen Birthday Fest.
Just as we started with the first song a loss of power occured and us and crowd where a having prrretty
stupid but actually rad drum and percussion session in the dark. It felt a little bit like being in that stupid
band called Safridu or something. 

This prrretty little thing was printed and designed by our friend LE SIECLE FOU !

On the next picture  you can see F yelling something like " I am the new guy in the Band ohou yeahh!" George doesn´t seem to be too interested. In the back you can see his awkward Kerry King Signature Marshall Amp, that´s called the BEAST...  it´s actually for sale now! If you are interested in it because you wanna start a Slayer Cover Band just WRITE US A MAIL!

The pictures are by our dear M8s -thank you!

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