Dienstag, 13. August 2013


Hey check out the not so brand new but still rad tape WE ARE THE FUTURE of our pals from WOLF MOUNTAINS We gonna play with them at THIS WEIRD BANDANA TRASH THING in Tübingen soon.

My favourite is SUMMER BABY which is a cover of the band POLARIS and they will probably hate me now, cause i told the world (a.k.a the poor bored couple of slimeballs who read this). But the great thing about it is, that this song is out of one of my favourite TV shows ever.


The show about the adventures of the two brothers, the little and the big Pete for me is just one of the best tv shows ever produced, its setted in Wellsville, a kind of surrealistic hyperbole of an american suburbia or smallville with tons of weird characters with great popcultural appeal. Here you can see Mr. Tastee the mystical personification of summer in shape of an icecream-man, Artie - the strongest man in the world, who is kind of little Pete's best companion in his ongoing struggle against the International Adult Conspiracy, Iggy Pop who is playing Nona's father and busdriver Stu.   All the figures are very sensitive arranged and allover the show one can find a pretty good sense of observing the everyday weirdness of the "normal".
The episode A HARD DAYS PETE from 1994 is about small Pete finding out he doesn't have a favourite song until he sees a mysterious band performing a mysterious poppy song in a garage. It gets stuck in his head and becomes his favourite song. But the problem is he doesn't know wether the name of the band nor the name of the song and therefore can't hear it again. So he tries to remember, but time is letting it fade until one day he has got just one single note of the song left . So he decides to start a band called THE BLOWHOLES with for example his  math teacher on bass tobring back his favourite song.
You can find a really good and detailed abstract HERE.  

Here is the song:

Now the weird thing is how the circle closes, recently i just discovered that sweet WFMU djs    LIZ BERG and PAT BYRNE played our 7" in their shows, thanks guys - rad!
And the missing link is that the first song of Mr. Byrnes REDUNDANCY radio show is - guess what - POLARIS with SUMMERBABY. Ahh just great. By clicking on the pictures you'll get to their shows.

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  1. !!!pete&pete ist das absolut beste, was jemals gemacht wurde!!!!!!
    hast du gesehen, dass die schauspieler sich letztes jahr zu ner pete&pete-reunion getroffen haben? und the blowholes haben sogar gespielt, mit dem kleinen pete an der gitarre :D