Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

some wonderful pictures christoph blankenburg took on our death of death tour during the end of summer. we where playing germany,czechia,austria,croatia,slowenia,italy and suisse - and it was the best thing to do that summer!
we where well equipped with kaftas, skateboards, inlines, and a lot of dope.
That is why we decided to film a surrealistic can get a little impression of what´s it going to be in the next post.
watch out - we will post some more images - here you can see what christoph is doing while he isn´t on tour with us....thank you to everybody involved especially michel - our super driver!!!


  1. wo bleibt denn nu der tourfilm? bin gespannt!!

  2. ach und frage an christoph - mit welcher kamera hast du diese megafetten 'weitwinkelhochformatbilder' geschossen?

  3. das märchen kommt und Panorama_uffis at Horizon perfect_panoramakamera für kleinbildfilm...