Dienstag, 2. Dezember 2014

Banned in Tilburg / Responsability / pics by Tom Roelofs

We just arrived from a small tour that included 2 days in Holland. For those dates Sophie and Tom accompanied us and these are the photos that Tom took. ( check out his blog here ) All the time with us where Bianca and Sevil ( she's the Sevil in disguise ) who did merch and drove us, thank you two! After an exploded tire on the Autobahn near Nordhausen, we had to rent a ridiculously small car to drive to Kassel, all because of course we didn't have an extra wheel in the van and all the shops where closed already. 

Finally in Kassel, the show had to be moved to well known location Das Haus ( the place my guitar broke last time ) 'cause the owner of the new venue got afraid. Thanks Jens, Till &  everyone we had a blast!

Next evening in Tilburg, amazing location, unfortunately noone really seemed to care for any band on that evening. So naturally we decided to get shitfaced and marauded to the inner city. There we first got banned from a bar for building a beer pyramid and ordering about 30 beers when the bartender announced the last round, and later on myself got pulled out by the hair from a familiar other bar (cul de sac ) for tagging, and finally after walking away from the bouncer, byciclepolice chased and banned me from inner Tilburg. I even tried to hide my ass in a fastfoodplace, but as the bycicle police jerk that brought me outta there put it " what do u think, this is holland we have cameras everywhere!"

Next day we drove to Venlo, where we played in a super well designed but superboring venue called Grenswerk, it looked a bit like from 2001 Space Odyssey, and so I wasn't surprised people acted like surfeited consume robots, being sponsored by some Whiskey didn't help the annoying atmosphere as well. But it did help us not dying of Boredom in the backstage! We got superdrunk very fast and had fun with our Albert Heijn shopping cart and Sevil our driver finally showed us her real face! She's the Sevil in the sky!

We realized pretty fast that there wouldn't be a satisfying conclusion to the robots standing around in a museum watching some bands, so we headed over to our sleeping place - a nice surprise! An old cinema that was part of some antisquatting program was our new home for the night, the guy that watched it was super nice in the beginning and showed us around, gave us food and drinks etc. He descended with the words enjoy, have fun!

After numerous wrestling, football and baseball matches accompanied by drums and organ we build a tower of matresses and started jumpin, Sevil was out for some serious fun and only George could top that with the heaviest jump of the night.

After hours of fun we where getting ready for bed already, the guy came in with a face like he was about to start a war and yelled at us that we took it to far and  freedom would be alright but we gotta have some responsibility, and if we wouldn't clean up we can sleep on the street...

So kids! Take some responsability!
Thanks Tom!
for further listening banned in tilburg:

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