Freitag, 23. Januar 2015


After many many years the ways of our bassplayer Hans and us are parting. He came into the band as a shorttime substitute and then he stayed. Good bye and farewell.Our last shows together at Utrecht and Eurosonic Festival in Groningen where a lot of fun!

You gotta love that face! I don't know what exactly she is seeing but it's rather scary , disgustng or funny.

Thanks to the sweet guys of the inofficial but amazing showcase called YOUNG SOUND OF HOLLAND / VERSCHWENDE DEINE JUGEND and the people of the KULT bar.
Before our show i went to the second location of the YSOH and saw a nice and sweaty gig of DIE NERVEN.
On some of the pictures you can spot our sweet Holland booking agent Peter Meuwsen, for example sittin' in front of the bassdrum that was moving too heavily or helping people up to crowdsurf, oh how hard he is working for his bands! Thank you!

This here on the left are NOUVEAU VELO from the deep south of Holland,
one of my favs of the festival. Super dancy well played, I was immediatly reminded of the Feelies, but they don't fail to bring in their own vibe.

It was cool to have so many Crowdsurfers in that room and still have a safe atmosphere, thankfully TOM ROELOFS catched a lot of them. All other photos I took from this site.

Hope to see all of you again this year!

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